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Features:Imported natural wood veneer, natural polyester paint environmental protection and scratch resistance, base material using free formaldehyde content in line with E1 class high-density board, imported hardware accessories

Advantage:Modern stylish

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Features:Length specification D (mm): 600,750,900,1000,1200 Width specification W (mm): 1200,1400,1500,1600,1800,2000,2200,2400


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Features:Length specification D (mm): 600,750,900,1000,1200 Width specification W (mm): 1200,1400,1500,1600,1800,2000,2200,2400


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Features:Length specification (diameter) (mm): 900,100,1200


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Features:Parameters: input voltage: (110-230) VAC Maximum load: 120Kg


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屏風T10 series

Features:[attachimg]246[/attachimg] T10 screen width: 83mm, with smooth appearance and simple lines. The structure of the screen is: the hanging plate type Line way: upper and lower double layer line slot + vertical connection


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HK85 high septum

Features:Aluminum alloy high partition, the use of special profiles, so that the overall indoor environment design and style more comfortable.

Advantage:Simple and not simple, unique style and style to show free and easy breath.

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Hanlong procurement notes

Office furniture industry leader

  • 01

    Where is your company? How do I order?

    Our company is located in Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, 223 Wenhua North Road culture 1 419, local customers can come to our factory inspection, satisfactory reorder; foreign customers can consult local dealers to local dealers to order, the temporary distribution of the area can be directly ordered to our headquarters.

  • 02

    Why is the same style expensive for your family?

    First of all, the same style does not represent the same quality standards, you buy furniture, not buy pictures; even the same style of the same quality, different packaging, service is different, the price will be different.

  • 03

    How long will your production cycle be?

    It depends on the complexity and quantity of the product. In general, our production cycle is 7-10 days. If the customer is in urgent need of business, it can also consult the sales customer service for the inventory.

  • 04

    Do you install and deliver goods?

    In view of our marketing network all over the country, can not do package mail, so the company provides free delivery in the area of Foshan.

  • 05

    What's your way of payment?

    In the area of Foshan, the payment can be made in the area of the city. The customers in different places take the principle of first payment and post goods. If the customer has doubts, they can inspect the factory or order the later factory before order.

  • 06

    How do you sign your contract?

    After you confirm the product you want to order, our sales will make "the contract of purchase and sale" in time. Then, according to your needs, fax, send scanning or express, both sides can enter into effect after signing.

  • 07

    What about your after-sale service?

    The company stipulates that all the products under the flag are free of charge for three years, and any nonhuman for the quality problem has been put forward by the customer, the solution is given within 2 days, and it is put in place within 7-10 days.

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